October 14th, 2010

SOMEWHERE (over the rainbow)))

I don't know what you're thinking about that but as for me I am so much waiting for watching this film. Not becase of Sofia Coppola, in spite of I adore her style and her transparent jazz mood in "Lost in Translation". But mostly because of Stephen Dorff cause I always knew that he was one of the most fascinating, gorgeouse and extremely talented actor of all 90th generation. And I am sorry to say but he (as Mr. Charlie Sheen as well) had never fully expressed himself and his acting skills ever. I also expect that it is going to be the most extraordinary role in his carrier (probably, even better than in my favourite "Entropy").

In any case, God bless Sofia for Mr. Dorff's comeback to the big screen and for her understanding how sensual and touchy he can look like.

I am definetely sure that 'Somewhere" is having a chance to become one of the greatest and personal movie of 2010. Anyway, ladies and gents, what are you thinking about "Somewhere"?

P.S. Sorry, folks, but My English becomes worse and worse and that fact is killing me slowly. There is almost no practice, you know... But I'll work it out, I swear.