November 7th, 2007


Do you like getting back to your past looking for your old friends and ex-partners on or something?
As for me, I'm not, definitely not.
I'm not sure that  I would be happy to see all my classmates again  not because i didn't like some of them (God bless them all, especially some of them) . But  just because  i do hate living in my past.
"Past doesn't exist " as said my favourite Indian/Californian guru Deepak Chopra.  And now i know that he 's right. Absolutely. No past, no future, just a present moment. And it's enough for being happy.

But some of classmates were very nice. I love u, guys and hope you all are a kind of all right.

P.S. It's sooo funny, but i found my old classmate's elder brother Yan on He 's living in L.A. and looks very happy on his pictures. He always was very good businessman (even before perestroika)  and very smart guy. Maybe i've been even in love with him but i'm not sure (i was just 12 y.o. very shy girl :) and my mum always told me: "Oh, Lisa (my classmate, Yan's sister) is so lovely girl!"   and all my f''' * but happy Soviet childhood i've almost had an interiority complex which have been connected with the name of Lisa (she was really nice-looking jewish girl but i swear, i was very sweet, too). 
Nevermind. Mum's moking comments always makes me stronger. I love u, mum, anyway.

 I hope Lisa is also having a marvellouse time in LA. 

Just some amusing memories, nothing else....
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